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The Irish Village: Pune’s Third Microbrewery

Food • 11th April, 2013 • No DiscussionTweet

irish-village-1Craft beers are turning out to be the new rage. Gurgaon and Bangalore already have a bunch of microbreweries and Pune saw its second one open last year. We’re hearing about one that shall hopefully open at the Seasons Mall at Magarpatta. We recall overhearing a conversation last year at a café in Koregaon Park about some guy wanting to open a microbrewery as well and trying to poach the café’s manager. Quite amusing, that was.

After having spent over a year on preparations, The Irish Village opens on the evening of 12th April to customers. We’re not entirely sure as to why the menu says that the beers on tap on will be Lager, Wheat Beer, Ale and Stout, since both the Wheat and Stout are ales as well. Anyway, we did get the chance to try just their Premium Lager the day before as the other beers were still in the carbonation tanks. While we’ve never been much of a fan of TJ’s, the Premium Lager gives us hope to cheer for a brewery well within the city limits.

irish-village-2From Friday (ie 12th April) onwards, one will find the Wheat Beer, Irish Red Ale, Stout and of course, the Premium Lager on tap – at Rs 180 a pint. Amit Mishra, the brewmaster, when asked what his plans with the beers are, oddly went on a tangent about how he’d like to introduce Punekars to good craft beers (ahem), while we just wanted an idea on what’s the next batch that he plans to brew.

irish-village-3The slightly long menu at The Irish Village will include kebabs, bruschettas, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, soup, pasta for appetizers; grilled chicken, fish & chips, lamb chops, prawns, drunken potatoes, bangers & mash for the mains along with a few standard Indian curries like the butter chicken, rogan josh, tikka masala and dal. Most of them are priced between Rs 250-400. Unfortunately, there aren’t any beef and pork options on the menu.

For desserts, you’ll have lemon tart, mousse and cheesecake. The beverages menu will see beer cocktails like Stout Cola, Tomato Juice & Beer, Irish Cream & Whisky with Stout from the on-tap beers. Hard liquors will be served eventually.

The Irish Village opens to public on Friday, 12th April, 2013 at 6pm. It replaces the previous properties Chillies and Night Owl, across the road from Hard Rock Café on Mundhwa Road.