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The Supersonics Kick-Off NH7 Roadkill Tour Series

Music • 8th August, 2012 • One CommentTweet

“Life’s so much easier now with us not having to focus on marketing our gigs and handling publicity,” starts off Ananda Sen when asked about how is it these days compared to before The Supersonics had disbanded in 2010. Our friends at NH7 (Yes, the guys behind Weekender.) have put together the Roadkill Tour series, starting off with The Supersonics, and then bring other bands on board as well.

Early this year, Ananda got back from Glasgow after completing his audio engineering course. While there he had spent some time writing new material. A few calls to the old members and they were all up for recording a new album. The still-untitled project shall hopefully be released in the first quarter, next year.

On how different the new record will be, “Over the last few years, we’ve matured in our listening habits. Heck, by the time we split, our sound had slightly changed from what our debut album Maby Baking was,” shares Ananda. The band is looking at this tour to get some feedback on their new tracks before they go into studio.

The band’s giving more importance to their ability to perform the songs live freely than stick to a rigid structure. “We got bored of playing the tracks the same way over and over again last time. That was partly due to the way we had recorded the album. This time around, we’re letting things fall together on their own so it gives us the freedom to jam on them during gigs.” Here’s to our hopes of a better produced album as well this time.

While everyone has a full-time job to support themselves, with the current music scene in India – music festivals, lot of promoters, easier access to music and the likes – Ananda is hopeful that the band can survive on music itself in another couple of years. As he said, “That’s all musicians want at the end of the day.”

The Supersonics have released a four-track EP specifically for the tour. You can download it here. They play at Hard Rock Café, Pune on 9th August and at Blue Frog, Mumbai on 11th August.