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Voctronica: Beat Boxing Taught and Performed

Music • 13th January, 2012 • No DiscussionTweet

Today, a group of eight beat-boxers take centre stage at Bonobo for the first time as Voctronica. Having trained over the week or so by Andy aka Testament, who’s a regular fixture with projects like UK-based Shlomo, the eight-member band shall be performing a variety of genres adopted to this Hip-Hop craft.

Organized by the British Council Library (BCL), Voctronica received about 100 entries from across the country. 16 of them were shortlisted and invited to the workshop from which eight were hand picked by Andy.

“A few of them are beat boxing for the first time in their lives. We picked them purely on their singing talents. It’s been a tough week but been great seeing everyone come together as a group to perform. The dynamics of a group performance are very different from that of a solo,” shares Andy.

Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, vocalist of metal-band Scribe, is also performing as part of Voctronica tells us, “It’s been a spectacular week with all of us picking up new techniques and exercises. What started off as hoping to pull of a song for the final performance, we ended up having a 40 minutes set – a lot of dubstep, covers for Bollywood and Tamil tracks.”

The curious would ask, why an obscure art from that’s not practiced widely in India would be chosen for a project like this? “We’ve seen quite a few acapella groups performing at various stages. Beat-boxing is like adding a human drum machine to the harmony. It’s a rather new contemporary art form,” adds Vishwesh.

We asked Andy if BCL is looking at taking the group across the country for repeat performances about which he’s not too sure but really hopes that it does happen. “Some of the folks, like Vincent Vineet, are really talented and I’d be more than glad to see them getting on the stage again.”

Apart from the 40 minutes performance by Voctronica, the audience will also see an opening set by Andy who’ll probably join the group towards the end of the evening.

Venue: Bonobo, off Linking Road, Bandra West
Date & Time: 13th Jan ‘12, 10pm
Entry: Free

[Photos by Mehr Singh]