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Review: Get-Together Pizza

Food • 23rd September, 2011 • No DiscussionTweet

Verdict: Affordable pizza made using fresh ingredients. Great option if you plan to take-away for a quick house party.
Rating: 3/5

Address: Shop no. 15, Gulmohar Gardens, Lane No.7, Koregaon Park
Contact: 020 2615 5662 / 996 098 3539

A disciple of Osho, Mr Prakasham started Get-Together Pizza, 16 years ago. Back then and until quite recently it was called Get-Together Pizza Hot. The joint is quietly tucked away into a shop next to Donut King Magic. So if you’re zooming past Lane 7 in KP, you really need to be looking for this one to find it, especially with no signage outside the joint.

It’s dimly lit and although it borders on looking shady in the evenings, just make yourself at home. They serve pizzas, pastas and a standard Mexican fare – burritos, nachos, enchiladas – along with a few other starters. The best part about this joint is that they all the ingredients used are freshly made in-house. For an average price for Rs 80 for a 7” pizza and Rs 260 for 12” pizza this one’s complete value for money. They’ve recently hiked their prices marginally after almost five years (The 12” used to sell for Rs 190.).

Their Salami Sausage Pizza has just the right amount of cheese but it could’ve done with a little more of salami. The Chicken Barbeque is loaded with chicken, so one should order this for the same price. Although we thought that the base was slightly thick and rather crisp, if you ask them to make it the way you like, they do oblige. The grilled eggplant (brinjal) on their Eggplant Pizza taste goes really well with the cheese. If you like eggplant, this one’s a must have and even if you don’t we’d recommend this one because it doesn’t taste like eggplant.

A word of caution, their enchiladas are a disappointment. A slight amount of crispness could definitely save the day. So stick to their pizzas, it’s what they do best. Also, if you plan to order for home delivery, we’ve heard that they take quite a while to deliver. They’re open only in the evenings from 5pm-11pm.