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Ark Art & Frames: Art Gallery Review

Arts • 28th March, 2011 • No DiscussionTweet

Amidst the buzz of the North Main road in Koregaon Park lies an unconventional art gallery. Ark Art and Frames grasps the viewer straight away with its elaborate sculpture placed right at the doorstep. A beautiful entrance and a see through view of the gallery from the road itself makes the three storied building stand out amongst others.

Ark Art and Frames began with two showrooms in Pune specifically for customized framing and art. Today, because of the hard work put in by Arvind Kadam (owner) and Yogi Chaubal (curator), it stands not only as a gallery but also, as an art studio and a lounge, with the works of some of the finest and exquisite Indian and International artists on display. Spread across three floors, it has adequately managed to adjust every piece of art appropriately. From sculptures to antiques to paintings, all pieces of art fit beautifully with the décor.

The first floor is the beauty of the place with most of its sculptures and murals, accompanied by a hint of greenery and a wide array of well crafted furniture. The first floor, being the start of the gallery, displays a certain amount of warmth. Contrary to that, the element of water has been used as a part of the décor to give a cooling effect. Bowls of water with candles and rose petals are to be seen displaying this contrast.

The second floor has a collection of paintings by Raja Ravivarma. The paintings are however, only prints, which, to some extent, does take away the charm of the paintings. Still, the décor of the entire place covers up for that. Only one painting out of the many of Raja Ravivarma’s is on a canvas. This is accompanied by sculptures and murals from international artists. Also, there is an exquisite print of a painting by Vincent Van Gogh, which highlights the whole area.

The third floor in the gallery is mainly a lounge with black leather sofas and immense breathing space, highlighted with subtle greenery.

Overall, Ark Art and Frames is brilliant for one who admires art but not for one who loves it.